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Decentralized Data & Applications Protocol For SMEs

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The problem

Enterprises have terabytes of data stored within their systems and have trouble using this for better business decision making or improved business efficiencies. Developers lack data to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions and most importantly enterprise customers to sell back to. There’s a lot of value trapped within this disconnect.

The solution

RepuX is a protocol level framework upon which various types of corporate and user data can be monetized and exchanged between different parties. Combining multiple cutting edge decentralized technologies such as IPFS, Sia and Ethereum/EOS, along with a possible upgrade to a custom high-throughput block-chain, RepuX allows the creation of a highly decentralized marketplace for data and information.


An API will enable these marketplaces to be developed by 3rd parties to suit their specific niche. By conducting value and data transfers directly between peers in the protocol, RepuX allows the creation of various B2B (business to business) data sharing possibilities for excess user and corporate aggregate data, that does not exist in the current market. This direct and rapid value transfer through the RepuX token will eliminate the need for middlemen and intermediaries across multiple industries. With machine learning, big data and AI becoming more reliant on large-scale aggregate data, RepuX is well poised to take advantage of this and drive innovation in these respective fields.

How it works

By optionally allocating a reputation behind each entity and each transaction, and verified by an oracle system, we can ensure an integrity within the protocol and allow actors greater confidence in not only the presence but also quality of the data they are purchasing. With the RepuX, we hope to bring back value to user data.


Developers would be able to purchase and receive access to company data securely in real time to create decentralised applications. This would be available in a restful api across similar company and data types. They can preview the data, subscribe to it and even choose specific companies or across the industry. Afterwards, their applications, algorithms can then be listed with RepuX and sold back to companies with RepuX Tokens. Data access will have different permissions associated with it and developers/companies can develop a reputation over a period of transactions to safeguard the community.


OP - Operations silos   |   OUT - Outreach silos   |   TECH - Technology silos

July 2017

OP: $400,000 Seed funding

September 2017

OP: On-board advisors from the industry

October 2017

OP: RepuX Foundation established

November 2017

OP: Major distribution announcement via business partner

TECH: Code audit

OUT: Speaking at Blockchain Expo

December 2017

TECH: RepuX Protocol Live

OUT: Attending Blockshow Asia

February 2018

OP: Token sale

March 2018

OP: Token sale audit

April 2018

TECH: RepuX Protocol open for developers

June 2018

TECH: RepuX Platform Allowing for Decentralised Enterprise Applications

Token Structure


17th November 2017 / 2pm UTC to
23rd January 2018

Token Sale

6th of February 2018 / 5pm UTC to
9th of March 2018 / 5pm UTC

This Token Structure is based on a presale of 100,000,000 REPUX. This presale amount may be subjected to change due to demand and the token structure will be finalized at the end of the presale. Please look here for any changes:

Token distribution

Sold during ICO
Rewards Pool
Sold on the platform
Founding Team
(3 years vesting period)
ICO bounties

Use of proceeds

Role of Token

Enable trade of data and decentralized applications between companies and developers


500,000,000 REPUX


1 REPUX = 0,20 USD

Maximum Goal

Hard cap: 250,000,000 REPUX
Soft cap: 5,000,000 REPUX

Accepted Currencies

ETH, Bitcoin and USD via Wiretransfers

Token Distribution Date

10th April 2018

Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created


Various, US regulations compilant

Discount Rates

Price $0.10


100,000,000 REPUX

6th Feb
Price $0.14


75,000,000 REPUX

13th Feb
Price $0.15


15,000,000 REPUX

18th Feb
Price $0.16


15,000,000 REPUX

24th Feb
Price $0.17


15,000,000 REPUX

2nd Mar
Price $0.18


30,000,000 REPUX

Unsold tokens from previous rounds will be moved into the next round. The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are sold out in the prior round.


Operational platform

Starting in December 2017, REPUX tokens can be utilized for data transactions within the RepuX platform.

Experienced and Operational Team

Our 14 people strong team has decades of experience in software development, enterprise software sales and experience in scaling up platforms.

Distribution Deals in place

RepuX has developers signed up who have potential access to millions of SMBs within China that can be made aware of RepuX.

Best Token Practices

REPUX token sales follows the best practices this includes strict KYC/AML Standards in accordance with Isle of Man Laws, multi sig wallet of which 2 keys are held by independent corporate services and legal firm, foundation that issues out token funds in timed periods, Reg D filing for US based investors for SAFT, founder tokens are vested over a 2 year period.


RepuX uses IPFS so company data would be kept secure and decentralized under all circumstances.

Decentralization of Data

Enterprise and SMB IT spending is a 4 trillion dollar market and our decentralized developer approach is uniquely positioned to disrupt this.

We invested $400,000 to make data sharing easier! Help us!

Solid RepuX Team

14 solid experts from different verticals gathered under RepuX roof to build global data marketplace

Marcin Welner
Management Team


20 years in IT in total.
12 years background in programming. Lead departments of up to 100 people. Likes to build projects from scratch. Extensive business skills in warehousing, logistics, supply chain, e-commerce, inventory management, erp and crm systems.

Aleksandra Staszewska
Product Team


Over 10 years of experience working as Business Analyst in projects for banking, public administration and telco sectors. Worked for national census data analyzing, processing and reporting. Big Data enthusiast having in-depth knowledge of Business intelligence and Data Warehouse systems.

Tomasz Tybon
Management Team


10 years of experience in SaaS industry with marketing, sales and product development. 6 years of experience in e-commerce, built country’s biggest brand and expanded it to India & Turkish market. Served as CMO, COO. Scaled Annual Recurring Revenues thirtyfold.

Frequently Asked Questions

RepuX is a protocol level framework upon which various types of immutable data can be commoditised and exchanged between different corporate and individual user parties.

Combining multiple cutting edge decentralised technologies such as IPFS, Sia and Ethereum/EOS, along with a possible upgrade to a custom high-throughput blockchain.

By creating and allowing for value and data transfers directly between peers utilising the protocol, RepuX allows for the creation data sharing possibilities for individual and corporate user and aggregate data, which do not exist in the current marketplace.

This direct and rapid value transfer through the REPUX token will allow for the creation of value for data creators, including individuals and thereby eliminate the need for middlemen and intermediaries across multiple industries.

For further details we invite you to read our White Paper.

Supported wallets for the Token Sale include MyEtherWallet, Mist-Ethereum Wallet, Metamask, Parity, imToken, Ledger, Trezor, and others.

You cannot use an exchange such as Bitstamp and Bittrex which manages your keys.

The Token sale is currently scheduled for:

  • Starting date: 6th of February 2018 / 5pm UTC
  • Ending date: 9th Mar 2018 / 5pm UTC

The Token Sale will run over a 31-day period starting from the 6th of February 2018 until the with discounts attached to all of the rounds. The rounds will continue until the cap of 200,000 ETH is hit or the final round expires.

During the Token Sale REPUX can be purchased in exchange for ETH, with no minimum or maximum contribution.

During the Pre Sale, the minimum contribution is 150 ETH.

We will never post the token address to anywhere other than the official Token Sale website. Never send ETH to any address you haven’t first verified the owner of.

Any attempt to send ETH from an unregistered address, or directly from an exchange during the Token Sale will result in not being able to purchase REPUX and your ETH may be permanently lost.

We cooperate with

Melrose Public Relations
Bitcoin Marketing Team

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