The Economist famously stated "data is the new oil"

RepuX Monetizes Data from Millions of Small Enterprises

How It Works

  1. Businesses sell anonymized data and earn Repux tokens (crypto-currency).
  2. Repux uses blockchain to assign ratings and reputation to the data, which developers can buy to train machine learning algorithms.
  3. Developers then re-sell their AI enhanced apps back to enterprises, for better business decision making.
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  1. A massive amount of data generated by SMEs (small and medium enterprises) goes unused
  2. And yet, software developers need it to train AI Machine Learning algorithms
  3. Trapped in this disconnect is a LOT of value! A marketplace like Repux lets SMEs have a fighting chance against Amazon, Google and Facebook

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The Repux token (crypto-currency) is the medium of exchange and the only way to transact on the marketplace

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying RepuX Tokens

1. Working product & 3 pilot companies:

The marketplace is live unlike most token sales that launch with just a whitepaper! The companies represent a reach of millions of SMEs.

World Economic Forum
2. HUGE market:

 According to the World Economic Forum, SMEs represent over 95% of firms, account for 70% of employment and contribute 53% of GDP globally.

3. Solving a real problem:

Per the Harvard Business Review, individually, most SMEs don’t have enough data or expertise to take advantage of AI. A marketplace like Repux helps them better compete with the big boys.

Harvard Business Review
Example: Mobile Payments Source: Wall Street Journal Market share
4. Strong partnership in China:

The Economist also stated that China is leapfrogging the US in AI due to its 4x larger population that produces much more mobile data. Repux could become to data what Alibaba is to commerce.

5. 'Winner Take Most Effects':

Marketplaces like Repux tend to have winner take most/all effects so founders and early adopters can capture a good chunk of the value created. We have a head start!

Victor Hugo

"You can resist an invading army but not an idea whose time has come"

– Victor Hugo (Distinguished French Writer)

Example scenarios

How Repux Could Help The Smithsonian Monetize Their Dusty Data

Through RepuX, the Smithsonian Institution would be able to securely license its robust databases of image, text and other records to a vast market of trusted museum data collectors. Alternately, RepuX could provide an efficient and transparent market for the purchase and sale of handwritten text data, used for text-recognition AI applications.

How Repux Helped a Software Developer Reduce Their Data Costs by 80%

Through the blockchain’s distributed database architecture, we have created a cryptographically secure and frictionless platform that enables data to be monetized and exchanged between trusted parties. RepuX resolves the disconnect in the enterprise data economy: the inability of enterprises to securely share siloed business analytics with AI and machine learning developers.

Powered by Ethereum blockchain 2.0 technology

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerates the adoption of AI and IoT technologies, data has become the most valuable currency in the world. Powered by Ethereum blockchain 2.0 technology, RepuX is bringing the awesome potential of open innovation and collaborative marketplaces to enterprise clients by disintegrating data silos and activating new streams of growth.


OP - Operations silos   |   OUT - Outreach silos   |   TECH - Technology silos

MVP Release (Dec 2017)
  • Launch marketplace platform on test Ethereum network
  • Possibility to sell and buy data with exchange of test Repux tokens
First plugins (Mar 2018)
  • Amazon plugin to pull selling information data from the worldwide marketplace
  • Shopify integration to retrieve orders info with a single click
RepuX Protocol Public (Jul 2018)
  • Buy and Sell data on the Marketplace platform
  • Fully decentralized protocol
  • Encryption and sharding implemented
  • Revshare mechanism
Exchange Repux Tokens for ETH (Sep 2018)
  • Buy and Sell REPUX tokens on the platform
  • KYC for transaction parties

Data Aquisition Plugins
  • Reference plugins by RepuX team
  • Developers documentation JS API
  • Revshare mechanism for plugin developers
Rating / Reputation
  • Possibility to rate each party of the transaction
  • Moderation done by the RepuX team
One-to-One Assignments

Smart Contracts agreement between two parties, data provider and Subject Matter Expert to deliver insights, work on data

Data Streaming

Instant access to up-to-date data to feed machine learning models on a daily basis


Solving issues between parties done by the community members (instead of RepuX team)

Public nodes
  • RepuX solution instalation package
  • Payments for data storing, sharing and re-encrypting
  • Making all elements open-source

Who Is Behind RepuX

Marcin Welner

Marcin Welner

20 years in IT in total.
12 years background in programming. Lead departments of up to 100 people. Likes to build projects from scratch. Extensive business skills in warehousing, logistics, supply chain, e-commerce, inventory management, erp and crm systems.

Aleksandra Staszewska

Aleksandra Staszewska

Over 10 years of experience working as Business Analyst in projects for banking, public administration and telco sectors. Worked for national census data analyzing, processing and reporting. Big Data enthusiast having in-depth knowledge of Business intelligence and Data Warehouse systems.

William Ryan

William Ryan

With over 15 years in technology experience and a Bachelor’s in Communication, William has developed a strong passion for community development, fintech, blockchain and philanthropy. His focus is to bring people and technology together for the greater good of humanity, and believes that blockchain has the power to carry that out.

Przemysław Kocznur

Przemysław Kocznur

10 years of experience as a Software Engineer. PHP Coach. University Lecturer on Science and Technology. Blockchain, machine learning and old analogue synthesizers enthusiast.

Krzysztof Durałek

Krzysztof Durałek

Senior User Interface Engineer with over 15 years of experience in Media and FinTech industries. Specializes in modern web technologies with focus on performance, user experience and code quality.

Dawid Rashid

Dawid Rashid

Over 4 years of experience as Fullstack Engineer (JEE, PHP & JS). Contributed to number of projects including the biggest European digital currency exchange platform and Marketing Automation software.

Damian Babula

Damian Babula

Software Developer. An early entrant into the bitcoin/blockchain arena, contributing on numerous cryptography-related projects, many of which were open-source. Currently he is specializing in decentralized applications, development based on smart-contracts and stand-alone blockchains.

Przemysław Telążka

Przemysław Telążka

Senior Full Stack developer with over 15 years of experience in Logistics, HR, postal companies. Focused on quality, scalability and performance.

Grzegorz Bar

Grzegorz Bar

Over 9 years experience as a full stack developer strongly focused on backend aspects. Worked on projects in accounting, IP, e-learning, EDI, Big Data and government projects. Skilled in internet security, agile management and test driven development.