How does the RepuX marketplace work

The RepuX team is proud to announce the launch of the upcoming blockchain-based Data & Application Marketplace by the end of December 2017. The REPUX Marketplace allows three types of market participants to be matched and securely exchange data through the REPUX protocol.

RepuX marketplace is a system that allows for transfer of the data package as well as feedback and reputation to be applied to participants in a transaction. Unlike traditional feedback systems used by Amazon or eBay, RepuX uses an Oracle program to monitor ratings, ensuring that those giving feedback have actually used the package, and avoid the type of issues surrounding spam reviews that plague these platforms from happening.

Companies or organisations who hold large datasets for their industrial sectors can anonymise their data into different types of packages, set the pricing in REPUX tokens they would like to receive for their data, before making these available for sale to individuals or developers.

Users in the same sector such as those doing product development or academic research can use the platform to have access to a wide range of datasets. These will have the company information clearly provided, allowing them to judge the integrity of the data source, as well as clear information about the data being provided before purchase. After purchase, they can grade the data, enabling subsequent purchasers to be better informed. Once a user has purchased a dataset, it is securely transferred to them via the RepuX protocol, and they can work with the data without delay.

In addition to data providers and data users, third party developers can build decentralized applications on the protocol. In turn they will be able to visualise, aggregate and present data from a single data source, or combine data across multiple data sources. This allows for the development of new types of applications, which in turn can be sold to companies and end users.

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