Meet the team

Who we are?

We are group of doers. All of us have successful backgrounds across variety of industries. Media, FinTech, SaaS, Big Data, Engineering are among the top of the experience of ours. Review our profiles and make your own judgment.

Marcin Welner
Management Team


20 years in IT in total.
12 years background in programming. Lead departments of up to 100 people. Likes to build projects from scratch. Extensive business skills in warehousing, logistics, supply chain, e-commerce, inventory management, erp and crm systems.

Aleksandra Staszewska
Product Team


Over 10 years of experience working as Business Analyst in projects for banking, public administration and telco sectors. Worked for national census data analyzing, processing and reporting. Big Data enthusiast having in-depth knowledge of Business intelligence and Data Warehouse systems.

William Ryan
Community Management


With over 15 years in technology experience and a Bachelor’s in Communication, William has developed a strong passion for community development, fintech, blockchain and philanthropy. His focus is to bring people and technology together for the greater good of humanity, and believes that blockchain has the power to carry that out.

Przemysław Kocznur
Dev Team


10 years of experience as a Software Engineer. PHP Coach. University Lecturer on Science and Technology. Blockchain, machine learning and old analogue synthesizers enthusiast.

Krzysztof Durałek
Dev Team


Senior User Interface Engineer with over 15 years of experience in Media and FinTech industries. Specializes in modern web technologies with focus on performance, user experience and code quality.

Dawid Rashid
Dev Team


Over 4 years of experience as Fullstack Engineer (JEE, PHP & JS). Contributed to number of projects including the biggest European digital currency exchange platform and Marketing Automation software.

Damian Babula
Dev Team


Software Developer. An early entrant into the bitcoin/blockchain arena, contributing on numerous cryptography-related projects, many of which were open-source. Currently he is specializing in decentralized applications, development based on smart-contracts and stand-alone blockchains.

Przemysław Telążka
Dev Team


Senior Full Stack developer with over 15 years of experience in Logistics, HR, postal companies. Focused on quality, scalability and performance.

Grzegorz Bar
Dev Team


Over 9 years experience as a full stack developer strongly focused on backend aspects. Worked on projects in accounting, IP, e-learning, EDI, Big Data and government projects. Skilled in internet security, agile management and test driven development.


Dr Jay Best
Advisor Team

Dr Jay

Dr Best was named Top Crypto Strategist UK 2017, a seasoned C-level executive and board member, having pioneered deep learning on GPUs at MIT and now spending most of his time between London, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh as a lecturer, advisor and investor.

Mateusz Mach
Advisor Team


Forbes 30 Under 30. COO of the Opus Foundations - music streaming platform based on Ethereum and IPFS. Advisor to many blockchain based projects running his own Ethereum focused software development company.

Yagub Rahimov
Advisor Team


Yagub Rahimov is the CEO and co-founder of 7marketz Inc. group of companies. Starting his FinTech career at the age of 16, Yagub has established multiple companies in 18 countries with a special focus on alternative investment channels and machine learning. He has been advising a select list of top quality ICOs as well as investing in them.

Douglas Pike
Advisor Team


Experienced Scientific Programmer with a demonstrated history of applying theory and computational methods to solve complex problems. Strong research professional skilled in C++, Blockchain protocol development and Biophysics.

Justin Jovanovic
Advisor Team


Justin is the Chief Operating Officer of investFeed - the leading cryptocurrency social network – powered by over 105,000+ crypto specific investors and enthusiasts since transitioning into Beta in January 2018. Justin has been a part of several successful ICOs, including investFeed’s, and has a passion for progressive decentralization and blockchain innovation.