What does the RepuX protocol do

The RepuX team is proud to announce the launch of the upcoming blockchain-based Marketplace for Data & Applications Protocol for SMEs by the end of December 2017. The Repux Protocol enables companies, developers and members of the public to ensure the secure transfer of data between companies who have datasets they wish to monetise, with developers who wish to build applications using the protocol, and members of the public, companies or academia who are looking to gain access to reputable datasets for their particular sector.

Through use of the REPUX Ethereum ERC20 token and smart contracts, Small and Medium Enterprises can build out anonymized data packages, and make them available through the RepuX Marketplace for sale to third parties. These will be encrypted and distributed securely around the globe using the “InterPlanetary File System” (IPFS).

RepuX is the first on the blockchain to develop APIs for selling company data to developers, who can build out decentralized applications around the data and in turn sell these newly built platforms back to companies. This is the first data sharing and DAPP creation ecosystem of its kind. RepuX is focused on transaction speed, data throughput, security and user permissions. Although RepuX is launching with support for the Ethereum blockchain, eventually this will be extended to allow for integration with other public and private blockchain protocols.

Another beneficial feature of the protocol is a feedback and reputation system. Over time different data suppliers will be rated by those using their datasets. This will allow the reputation of the company providing the data, the quality of the individual datasets and provenance of the data be made available to all participants in the transaction, and subsequent purchasers. For data providers, they can monetise databases to create incremental revenue streams to subsidise or pay for database storage costs.

E-commerce or International Trade as well as micro loans and online content creation are sectors where access to empirical, validated datasets represents a considerable advantage in growing businesses to identify and evaluate market opportunities and gain competitive advantage, building a new generation of software, research, business intelligence and management information systems to take advantage of the protocol.

You can find out more about the REPUX blockchain-based, decentralized Data & Application Protocol and our development roadmap by visiting our main website and joining the mailing list at repux.io, reading our White Paper, following us on twitter @REPU_X, liking us on Facebook, subscribing to YouTube, and following REPUX on LinkedIn.

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